Stephen Rew is a British artist based in London.
In 2011 Stephen graduated with a BA (hons) in Illustration, during which he spent time stalking and studying wildlife in the remote regions of India and Africa's Kwa-Zulu Natal. There, his long-term objectives to combine work with a love and respect for wildlife manifested themselves.


  • Lechwe

  • Blesbok

  • Grants Gazelle

  • Bushbuck


February 21, 2014
Please see my behind the scenes pages for more visual insight into how I am producing these works.
You will be able to witness the level of craftsmanship, dedication, hard graft and sweat goes into perfecting these horns.

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Behind the Scenes


February 21, 2014
February 20th 2014 and it is now my fourth trip to India in two years.
In three weeks' time I unveil my first complete set of damascus steel horns to the world, at a presentation event in Dubai. Check out my events calendar for information. The next two weeks will be intense, spent in the workshop with my crew, we'll be producing more horns, sorting the plinths, and making final polishing touches to the sets of horns I will be showing.


As every pair of horns are individually hand forged, almost every piece is custom made to order. Options for bronze patination and plinth variants to suit the positioning in your home are available. Each new piece takes approximately 16 weeks from ordering to delivery but please inquire about current stock available immediately.

To place an order please contact : info@damascussteelsculpture.com or call on 07971 594 697


Forging Damascus Steel
The process of forging damascus steel originated around two thousand years ago and is the description given to the technique of folding metals together.
The process was first used by blacksmiths who would choose only the best quality fragments of the raw steel from the smelt in order to forge the strongest blades. The method of folding the steel would not only strengthen the blade, but by multiplying the layers one was able to increase the flexibility as well.
As a consequence of the folding procedure the layers create beautiful patterns, each one unique and determined by every blow of the hammer.
The damascus steel process is one of many stages. These stages are described briefly if you click on the link below, but for further information, please contact Stephen directly via the 'contact' page.


Mobile : 07971 594 697